Letter Exchange

IMG_1055We’ve had a number of student letter exchanges between classrooms in California and Laos as part of our program. Ms. Gee sends these photos of her third grade class in Modesto, California. The students are showing off Meko the visiting Mekong Giant Catfish and student letters from Laos.Postcard1

Dear Friends, Greetings from Sipherd Elementary School. We have enjoyed reading your letters and we promise to write soon. Things have been very busy and hectic here. Be on the watch for photos from the river with Flat Meko!

Postcard Dear friends in Laos, We are all very happy to receive your many letters. It was interesting to learn that we have so much in common! We are interested in the animals you have and were surprised you like to eat pizza! Sipherd School.  IMG_1054

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